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Can you tell me the difference between data types and literals in Java?

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From Java Data types tutorial

Data types :

Primitive types are special data types built into the language; they are not objects created from a class

Literal :

A Literal is the source code representation of a fixed value; literals are represented directly in your code without requiring computation

boolean result = true;

boolean - is data type
true - is literal
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thanks user467871 (y) –  Ahmed Mahmoud Jun 12 at 3:42
 String string = "Hello World";
 <  1 > <  2 >   <     3     >

1 is a data type, 2 a variable name, 3 a (String) literal

From the JLS:

A literal is the source code representation of a value of a primitive type [like 1, true, 't'or 1.2f], the String type [like "" or Something], or the null type [null]

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I don't know that they have enough in common to be able to identify differences, but data types are things like int, float[], Object, and literals are something like 1, { 1.0f, 2.0f}, "abcdef".

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Values like 1.5, 2, 3.13, “hello” that appear directly in a program are known as literals.

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A literal is a constant value which is compatible to a datatype, a literal is used to assign a value to variable, to compare values or define constants. See JLS 3.10.


int varOfDataTypeInt = 123;

String s = "string literal";

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A literal is a data, where as a data type is the type of container to hold a literal. For example: Orange juice is a literal, a vessel to hold orange juice is a variable and the type of vessel to be used, such as metal vessel for something such as an acid, a glass container for orange juice is the data type. The data type is not the vessel itself, but the type of vessel.

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Data types are just, well, different types of data, like Strings or floats or ArrayLists. In Java, most data types are classes. Edit although according to one of the other answers, I think maybe the term "data type" might be used more for primitives, i.e. types that are not classes.

A literal is a way of expressing a value without having to create it using a constructor. For example, if you just put 3 in your code, it means the int 3. You don't have to say new Integer(3) or anything like that.

By the way, may I recommend the official Java Tutorials.

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Data Type : it defines the memory assignment for different "types" available in java.

source http://javawebtutorial.blogspot.in/2013/10/data-types-in-java-as-you-all-know-that.html

Literals : Literals in java define the actual value we can using for variables, constants or to perform any operation.

source : http://javawebtutorial.blogspot.in/2013/10/literals-in-java-literals-in-java.html

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