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Java : Is there a good natural language processing library

I need a simple Natural Language Processing library written in java which can be used to process a search query/question. What I want actually is to separate the main subject which is being searched in a query. For an example, considering a query like "What is an apple?", it's perfect if the main search word apple can be extracted. This is for a semantic search engine development purpose.

Can anyone please suggest a suitable nlp library for this??

Thank You!!

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The easiest way for you that I see is to use concept tagging from AlchemyAPI. You can also use some plugins for libraries from questions, pointed in comments, especially pay attention to OpenNLP and GATE. If you are going to build ontology-based search engine, I recommend you reading this paper on ontology-based interpretation of keywords, that shows some tendencies in user's habits (video version). Otherwise, you'll better use some statistical techniques like LSA.

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Jakarta Lucene/Solr? http://lucene.apache.org/java/docs/index.html

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