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I have a requirement like two radio buttons with yes and no options and two textarea's and one button with name Continue. Here my requirement is when i select yes it should show only continue button and when i select no button it should show two textarea controls and one button control.

Can anybody tell me this sol and provide me with some sample code.

Regards, Naveen.

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Simple use property 'visible':

<mx:RadioButtonGroup id="radioGroup"/>
<mx:RadioButton id="radioYes"
        groupName="{radioGroup}" value="Yes" selected="true"/>
<mx:RadioButton id="radioNo"
        groupName="{radioGroup}" value="No"/>

<mx:Label text="First text"/>
<mx:TextArea id="textOne"
<mx:Label text="Second text"/>
<mx:TextArea id="textTwo"
        visible="{radioNo.selected}" includeInLayout="{radioNo.selected}"/>
<mx:Button id="btnContinue"

Please take attention at property 'includeInLayout'. In my solution one text area is hidden and takes no place, another one is hidden, but keeps reserved place.

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