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Hello i want a simple shell script that find the name of the file from a given path of the file. like

$path = "/var/www/html/test.php";

then i want to get value "test" in some variable. Also only .php files are present.I am using bash shell. Thanks

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name=$(basename "$path" ".php")
echo "$name"

The quotes are only there to prevent problems when $path contains spaces.

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Use the built in UNIX command:

basename "/var/www/html/test.php"
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Thanks for this! –  Andrew Campbell Nov 10 '14 at 0:18

oIFS="$IFS"; IFS='/' 
set -A str $string

echo "strings count = ${#str[@]}"
pos=`expr $len - 1`
echo "file : ${str[$pos]}";


 strings count = 4
 file : test.php
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Use the basename() function. It is buily in UNIX function

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