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i have a subclass of NSView that handles Mouse events, inside that NSView i have a subview (which is another subclass of NSView). How can i handle Mouse Events for both NSViews.

What i want to achieve is the following:

A NSView where i got a character, when i move my mouse around inside that view the character rotate to follow the mouse. inside the same there are some Items, when the mouse hover over an item i want to display some information... how can achieve this?

basically: two classes receive and respond to mouse over.

Best Regards Kristian

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i guess, you should play with CreateMouse Region and handle Mouse event like mouseenter , mouse exit on it,

refer following method of NSView

addTrackingRect : provide Rect where you would like to capture mouse event for that region you would get following event,





and so on

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thanks for the reply, but i decided to use Cocos2D and that resolves all my problems =D –  Kristian Flatheim Jensen Jan 26 '11 at 20:36
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