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I am trying to create website to show a live twitter feed concerning a particular hash tag, say #baseball or from a particular user @twitter, my filter looks like #baseball OR @twitter

Now I have done implementation using Phirehose but I want to use AJAX instead so that i can contain the live stream in a fixed div on my website. I searched a lot, and guess many people have done this but I am not able to find any reference code or example of how to do it.

PHP code I am using:


class FilterTrackConsumer extends Phirehose
  public function enqueueStatus($status)
    $data = json_decode($status, true);
    if (is_array($data) && isset($data['user']['screen_name'])) {
      echo $data['user']['screen_name'] . ': ' . urldecode($data['text']) . "\n";

// Start streaming
$sc = new FilterTrackConsumer('abc', 'abc', Phirehose::METHOD_FILTER);
$sc->setTrack(array('@twitter', '#baseball'));

I need something similar with Javascript & PHP. Or how to style the output here. Help would be appreciated

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The best way to do a live stream update with AJAX is with polling.

Set a timer, make an AJAX request to the page you just posted, add the response to the page with javascript :)

Here are a few pages to make the ajax polling, even tho it is pretty simple in nature, and a setTimeout() would be good enough for the job

Good luck !

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thanks, I haven't used Ajax Polling ever but will definitely try it out. – Tarun Jan 10 '11 at 10:39

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