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i need a jquery plugin to show full description of some data as a tooltip when mouse over that data's row in table. the description should load with ajax.

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I recommend jQuery TOOLS Tooltip. I use it on my projects.

But as for AJAX, you will probably need to code it yourself with event listeners.

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As a matter of fact, I just recently released my fork of jQuery UI Tooltip.

It supports remote content by feeding a function to the content option that takes care of the ajax request.

Something like this:

$("table tr").tooltip({
    content: function(response) {
        // Init the ajax call (you can use .post or .ajax as well)
        // response is the callback that will handle the response
        $.get("url_to_tooltip_content", response);
        // Return text that will show until a response have been recieved
        return "Loading..."; 
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