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I created function in Freemarker:

<#function formatDate anyDate>
    <#assign dateFormat = read_from_configuration() />
    <#if anyDate??>
        <#return anyDate?date(dateFormat) />
    <#else >
        <#return '' />

I call it like this: ${formatDate(object.someDate)}.

It all works until someDate is null. In that case I get exception:

Error executing macro: formatDate
required parameter: anyDate is not specified.

How can I do this? I want the function to work if parameter values is null.

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Here's what I did, which seems to work in most scenarios:

The default value should be an empty string, and the null-check should be ?has_content.

<#function someFunction optionalParam="" >
    <#if (optionalParam?has_content)>
        <#-- NOT NULL -->
        <#-- NULL -->
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In the end I did it like this:

<#function formatDate anyDate='notSet'>
    <#assign dateFormat = read_from_configuration() />
    <#if anyDate?is_date>
        <#return anyDate?string(dateFormat) />
    <#else >
        <#return '' />
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As Freemarker doesn't really handles the null values quite well. I alsways use the ?has_content on the params to check if there is something in there. The other parameter checkers don't always handle the null value well either so I would suggest something like this:

<#if anyDate?has_content && anyDate?is_date>

just to be sure.

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The thing is, it doesn't even go inside the function when parameter is empty. It just throws the exception when invoking the function. Those checks will not be called. – Ula Krukar Jan 14 '11 at 8:22

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