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Can anyone recommend a good Selenium Grid "host" for running tests? Instead of having to set up my own network of testing machines?

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I'm personally partial to Sauce Labs. For me, the recorded screencasts of your tests is really the key feature. Essentially you just point your existing tests at a sauce server instead of your localhost and you're good to go. One slight drawback is that they don't have Mac instances available for test. They offer a free trial to get you started.

The major thing sauce doesn't handle well is load/performance testing. For that, look at BrowserMob. Essentially, you're driving load tests with real browsers using selenium scripts.

I've heard good things about PushToTest but never used them.

One thing to note is that these are all Selenium 1.x providers. Selenium 2 doesn't have a grid yet, but that should be coming soon.

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They've now added Mac testing. – Jazzepi Oct 11 '13 at 13:45

Selenium Grid2 is now available.

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How is this related to the question? – Tadas Sasnauskas Jun 27 '14 at 8:52

I've been looking at services, and the two most comparable for grid testing look to be sauce labs as mentioned above, and also browserstack which offers a cheaper "unlimited" package I believe. It has 10 parallel users, which I'm not certain if those compare to VMs that sauce labs uses in the same way. This project requires testing over a full suite of browser variations, so the parallel and unlimited aspects are key factors for us.

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