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I am using wampp for php server and in programming short tag use create problem.i new that it possible by change something in php.ini file but i don't know the setting for that please help me for that.


<? echo "hi"; ?> //error....want to allow this also.
<?php echo "hi"; ?> //ok

i found this in php config setting file but what changes require i don't know...

; short_open_tag
;   Default Value: On
;   Development Value: Off
;   Production Value: Off
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With shot_open_tag you can also write <?= "hi" ?> instead of <? echo "hi" ?>. –  KingCrunch Jan 10 '11 at 11:03
Imo it is better to get used to normal open tags... –  Felix Kling Jan 10 '11 at 11:45
@FelixKling: Why do you think is it better to get used to normal open tags? –  ONOZ Apr 23 '12 at 7:09
@ONOZ because they are turned off in almost any environment by default. Many hosters don't even allow to change that. –  DanFromGermany Oct 7 '13 at 8:16

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In your php.ini change the short_open_tag = Off if it's there to this:

short_open_tag = On
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Click on your wamp icon then "PHP". Then click on "PHP Settings". There should be an option for "short open tag" which you should enable by clicking on it, it should show a check mark. Your wamp server will automatically restart in a few seconds and then short open tag will be enabled.

For non-wamp you need to go to your php.ini file and uncomment short_open_tag = On

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set short_open_tag = 1 in your php.ini file.

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sed -i 's/short_open_tag = Off/short_open_tag = On/g' /etc/php.ini
grep -n short_open_tag php.ini 

first line does inlien replace of php.ini to turn on short tags second makes sure its there

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  1. Open php.ini
  2. Search for last short_open_tag keyword
  3. change its value to On . just like this : short_open_tag = On
  4. Restart Apache.

that's all you need BUT!,

just keep in mind that in almost all former releases of php.ini We have two line containing short_open_tag keyword. first line is what you pasted here and as You can see it is commented with semicolon char. This line is'nt involved even if you uncomment it because in lower line than it (bottom lines) we have active copy of that.

So edit last one or just put short_open_tag = On in very last line of php.ini file to override setting. (I hate duplication but it shouldnt matter in non-production environment)

Another probable mistake is that may You have two php.ini in WAMP. I'm not sure about that because I'm linux user. but from old versions of WAMP I can remember that there was two php.ini in two diffrent paths.

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Wamp 2.5 contains two versions of php.ini. If you're running php inside Apache (as I guess you are) you need to change the one in \bin\apache\apache2.4.9\bin.

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