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How to read the total number of frames from a video with "melt" command Same for time and frames per second.

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Like Florin you could also do it with the command line and some dirty grep:

melt AAG_5766.MOV -consumer xml | grep length | grep -Eo '[0-9]+'
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I found a possible answer to get the properties in a XML format.

Use: melt movie.flv -consumer xml

Code for php:

//get total frames and framerate

system('melt '.$video.' -consumer xml');
$clip_prop = ob_get_contents();

$xml_prop = new DOMDocument();
$xml_prop->loadXML( $clip_prop );

$properties = $xml_prop->getElementsByTagName("property");

foreach( $properties as $property )
     $attribute = $property->getAttribute("name");
     //for total frames
     if( $attribute == "length" )
          $frames = $property->nodeValue;
     //for frame rates
     if( $attribute == "meta.media.0.stream.frame_rate" )
          $fps = $property->nodeValue;
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