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Is there any way I can find the rank of a set of values in Microsoft Reports?

For instance, in order to produce a table like the one below, what function/formula do I enter in the Rank column?

|Value | Rank|
| 12   | 3   |
| 30   | 5   |
|  5   | 1   |
| 10   | 2   |
| 24   | 4   |

Values in the value column are produced from calculations on the report-side so I cannot find the rank using a query.

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The closest you are going to get is the RowNumber function, but that depends on the underlying sort order.

I thoroughly recommend moving the value column logic server side and creating using SQL to get a rank value there.

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I eventually had to move all the calculation logic to the server side (queries) in order to get the ranks working. I strongly think Microsoft has to build upon the Reporting Services though; it makes otherwise trivial functions too difficult. –  Alex Essilfie Jan 16 '11 at 16:09

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