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In facebook, when you share a link, a neat little preview is created with an image headline, and text excerpt. Here's an example..

Example Link

Does anyone know if there's any open-source code (pref. php & javascript/jquery) that can generate something like this? Or should I just write it myself..


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After a bit of Googling I found this for you.

It should take you through the steps on how to create something similar to Facebook share previews.

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Embedly provides a powerful API to convert standard URLs into embedded videos, images, and rich article previews.I Searched and found an easy way to do it.

Just make a Get request to http://api.embed.ly/1/oembed?url=YOUR-URL . You will find everything in json Format.

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Have a look at bootstrap-linkpreview js library as well. It should fit exactly your needs.

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