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private ILogin results;

    public ILogin authenticate(Login login) {
        String query = "SELECT email, id FROM Login WHERE email='"
        + login.getEmail() + "' AND password='" + login.getPassword() + "'";
        results = getHibernateTemplate().find(query);
        return results;

How do i change results = getHibernateTemplate().find(query); I get the error in this line. But i want that in ILogin type not of List type. How do i do an Type Conversion here.

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The problem isn't the type conversion per se - it's that you've executed a query which may return multiple results, but you only want a single result.

You probably want to check that the resulting list has exactly one value (0 means login not found; more than 1 probably means there's a problem in your data somewhere) and then return that first value (return (ILogin) list.get(0);).

As a slightly separate matter, you shouldn't be including the data directly in your query like that, IMO. Use query parameters, which is pretty easy in Hibernate:

 String query = "SELECT email, id FROM Login WHERE email=? AND password=?";
 Object[] parameters = { login.getEmail(), login.getPassword() };
 List results = getHibernateTemplate().find(query, parameters);
 if (results.size() != 1) {
     // Probably throw an exception
 // I'm assuming your mapping has been set up appropriately such that
 // the returned value will *be* an `ILogin`.
 return (ILogin) results.get(0);

Finally, you almost certainly don't want results to be an instance variable - it should probably be a local variable, as per my example above.

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Thanks for the help, can u look into this issue which i am getting now after updating stackoverflow.com/questions/4646548/… –  theJava Jan 10 '11 at 12:01
Yes, but in the "new" question you haven't changed the select to not return a list. And a list cannot be cast to ILogin –  Michael Wiles Jan 10 '11 at 12:20

The dummy way is to use getHibernateTemplate().find(query).get(0); but this will result in exception in case when no such login found.

As Jon said, check your query for emptiness.

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I assume spring :).

List resultsList = getHibernateTemplate().find(query);
if ( resultsList.size() == 1 ) {
results = (ILogin)resultsList.get(0);
} else {
// error no entity or mutiple entities

return results.

This should work.

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