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can u help me pls as i surfed around but didn't find any information. I'm working with mongoDB capped collection using Ruby. I need to update documents according to the id i retrieve from the query, but it never works. here is the example of my code

cursor = coll.find({"EndTime" => nil})


  while row = cursor.next_document
    if !alive row["Pid"]
      coll.update({"_id"=>row["_id"]}, { "$set" =>  { "EndTime" =>Time.now}})



thanx a lot

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It would be helpful if you could explain a bit more what it is that isn't working, it's not as if we can run your code. What does the alive method do, for example. Isn't it just the case that the if statement is never true? –  Theo Jan 10 '11 at 18:02

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Objects in a capped collection are not allowed to grow. Make sure that when you insert you already have space for "EndTime" preallocated.

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