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if i have mssql database with record displayed below :

Id           Serv-code          Value
1            100                3
2            100                4
3            100                3
4            100                3
5            101                5
6            101                5

the logic i want when i search for the record using serv_code 100 then the output will be the average means 3 will be displayed in textbox because the value 3 will be entered 3 times than 4 as shown above .... and if if i search record with serv_code 100 and if the value of serv_code is equal means 3 and 4 only then the recent entered value will be displayed in textbox..

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Your question is confusing. But to answer the part with the average value: you should do this on database side with the AVG-SQL-Function like this:

Id              int,
ServCode        INT,
Value           INT)

INSERT INTO #Temp Values(1,100,3)
INSERT INTO #Temp Values(2,100,4)
INSERT INTO #Temp Values(3,100,3)
INSERT INTO #Temp Values(4,100,3)
INSERT INTO #Temp Values(5,101,5)
INSERT INTO #Temp Values(6,101,5)

select AVG(Value)FROM #Temp WHERE ServCode=100

drop table #Temp

Use this to create an extra column in your query with the average of every row's Serv-Code:

 SELECT  T1.*,
    (SELECT AVG(Value)
        FROM [#Temp] AS T2
    WHERE T1.ServCode=T2.ServCode) AS average
 FROM [#Temp] AS T1
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Why AVG is used here ?/ sir... – D Infosystems Jan 10 '11 at 15:52
Because you wanted the average-value of all records with serv-code=100 (3). Create a user defined function in your sql-server that takes the Serv-Code as parameter and returns the average value. Then you can compare the old value with the new value that the user wants to set or whatever. – Tim Schmelter Jan 10 '11 at 15:56
can i use directly average function with select query ? – D Infosystems Jan 10 '11 at 15:58
which datatype is use in database to use AVG value ? – D Infosystems Jan 10 '11 at 16:00
edited my answer to show you how to add the extra average-column. – Tim Schmelter Jan 10 '11 at 16:10
with occurrences as (select value, occurrences, rank() over(order by occurrences desc) as rank
                     from (select value, count(*) as occurrences
                           from @data where serv_code = 101 group by value
                          ) count_occurrences
select case when (select count(*) from occurrences where rank = 1) > 1
            then (select top 1 data.value from @data data join occurrences on data.value = occurrences.value where data.serv_code = 101 and occurrences.rank = 1 order by id desc)
       else (select value from occurrences where rank = 1)
       end as value;
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