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I'm trying to use OpenGL with Monodroid, but by using get Unhandled Exception not only in my personal project, but also in the sample project GLTriangle20. Seems that something wrong with installed stuff, I think.

By reading README file of available samples I read:

In order to build, the following must be installed first:

  • Android SDK, containing at least API level 7 (Android 2.1)
  • Java SDK
  • MonoDroid SDK

I have not only Android SDK 7 for Android 2.1 but also Android SDK 8, revision 2 for android 2.2 and also Android SDK 9, revision 1 for Android 2.3.

Can be this is the problem , so I need uninstall them and use exclusively that one specified in README file?

Thank you in advance.


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Can you post the details of your Unhandled Exception? – jpobst Jan 10 '11 at 16:16
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OK, I find out the problem. Unhandled not supported exception, was thrown due the not correct refactoring of renaming of dirived classes from Action and View..

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