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I want to launch the browser in a different process when a particular link is clicked on the page. When I checked the net I found the following tip: . But there we have to change the registry. Is there any simple way of doing this without touching the registry?

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If you use the Google Chrome browser, each new window or tab runs in a separate process. Internet Explorer version 8 will do the same (it's currently in the second beta round).

Earlier versions of IE will run a new window in a separate process if it is launched from, say, the Start menu or the command line, or a link in an email (but not by clicking a link within IE). I imagine you could create a proxy that the client would run through, which would intercept the links you care about and launch them by running a command line request. That seems like more trouble than mucking with the registry though (assuming that registry change still works -- looks like your link is from 2002).

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I don't believe this is possible unless you change the client computer setup or software it's running.

Why do you want to do this?

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