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I have an application that I am posting updates to facebook. I am using the open graph API. The underlying library has implemented some callback features where you can get notified of updates to a user object like when the user changes their name etc.

However, I want to get a callback when a new comment is made on a post I made or someone likes a post I made.

Right now I would have to query all my posts and see if there are any new comments. Facebook doesn't give you an ID when you post a comment so you have to go on just the content and user when parsing.

So to my question. Is there a way to register a callback for when a post is updated? Does it use the same mechanism as the user one?

Not sure it makes a difference, but the application is in Rails and I am using the Koala Graph api.

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If you're using a comments box social plugin, you can subscribe to the comment.create and comment.remove events to enable you to run a callback that will be passed the id.

Full details are here

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