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So my question is: What are Java Packages, .NET Assemblies and .NET Namespaces and is a Java package the same as a .NET Namespace?

I have used Google to get the following:

Java Package: Java Packages provide a way of organizing files into different directories according to their functionality, usability and as well as category that they should belong to. An example of a package is the JDK package.

.NET Assembly: A .NET assembly provides a fundamental unit to physical code grouping.

.NET Namespace: A .NET namespace provides a fundamental unit of logical code grouping.

I have read about them, but haven't really understood, can anyone please explain further?

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The difference between assembly and namespace is, as you've pointed out, that the former organizes code physically, and the latter logically. Assemblies are your DLL and EXE files. Namespaces are just the dot notation that'll help you find your classes as you write code.

A Java package is very similar to a .NET namespace. In Java, each public non-nested class needs to have its own *.java-file, and the packages must have their corresponding directories, so that's why you'll read references to directories when reading up on java packages, but not in .NET, as a single file can contain several .NET namespaces, and a single namespace can be scattered across several directories.

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Thanks for that, that helped. –  JHarley1 Jan 10 '11 at 14:46

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