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I have a database that has dr, patient, dateofservice(DOS), xxnum, distinctClaimNumber

What I need to do is for each dr, patient,xxnum, put the DOS and ClaimNumber


dr smith     sleepy      12        1/1/10    12        1/1/11      12     1/12/11
dr smith     sleepy      14        1/1/10    14        3/1/10      14     1/1/11      14     1/12/11
dr jones     doopy       15        2/16/10   15        3/11/10

right now it shows

dr smith    sleepy  12  1/1/10
dr smith    sleepy  12  1/1/11
dr smith    sleepy  12  1/12/11
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What do you mean by "put"? – Tim Jan 10 '11 at 15:27
Are you looking for table designs or do you have tables but need to create a query? – JeffO Jan 10 '11 at 16:03
Perhaps you are wondering about form design? – Fionnuala Jan 10 '11 at 17:12
It looks like you want to find records with common fields (doctor, patient, and xxnum) and list the DOS and ClaimNumber horizontally for each claim (although it seems that claim numbers aren't present in your example). As you've already seen, Access prefers to list things down rather than across ... but if you can explain more about where you want these records (in another table? in a query? in Excel?), we can probably help with that. – Dave DuPlantis Jan 28 '11 at 21:54

Perhaps you want a crosstab? You could use doctor and patient for row headings, DOS as column headings, and then concatenate the other fields for the value. You'd get something like this:

                  | 1/1/10  | 2/16/10 | 3/1/10  | 3/11/10  | 1/1/11  |  1/12/11
dr smith | sleepy | 12      |         |  14     |          |  12     |    12
dr smith | dopey  |         |  15     |         |  15      |         |

If that looks like the result you want, here's an article on with more information about crosstab queries: And here's an article about crosstab reports:

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