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I just figured out how to implement android c2dm client but on the server side i have some troubles. I made search running through the internet but all the samples are too complicated for me or they are written down in python. I need some basic samples for server side in C# or java. Could you suggest anything for me ? Thanks.

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Came across this question, and this answer.

Works a treat for me, decent code, easy to understand.

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Check this stackoverflow question. Note the example in the question doesn't implement everything required (the updating of the auth token when you get a new one, the exponential backoff, etc)

Android C2DM getting (401) Unauthorized

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This basically has the required info, and the steps needed to take to send a message to the Google C2DM servers.

Basically, you're going to use C#'s URL fetching library to send a POST request to, which includes in the body of the POST the variables listed on the page I linked to above.

I'm not going to post sample code, but if you look on google for "C# How to send POST request," you'll know HOW to send a POST. You now know WHERE to send the POST, and you now know WHAT you need to send to the POST URL.

You just need to implement that now.

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