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I am using a jQuery UI Tabs widget that exists within an iframe on the page. From the parent document, I need to be able to access the tabs object and use its methods (the 'select' method in particular). I am using the following code currently:

var iframe = $('#mainFrame').contents().get(0);
$('#tabs', iframe).tabs('select', 1);

The code does not throw any errors/warnings in the console and the jquery object for $('#tabs', iframe) does seem to be selecting the correct elements from the DOM of the iframe, however nothing happens when this is executed.

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You're turning the jQuery object reference into a DOM node by calling .get(0). Try instead:

var iframe = $('#mainFrame').contents();
iframe.find('#tabs').tabs('select', 1);

ref.: .find()

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Was this the correct answer? – Rehno Lindeque Aug 15 '11 at 13:00

You could try (untested):

$('#mainFrame').contents().find('#tabs').tabs('select', 1);
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