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I saw a couple of ways extending user information of users and decided to adopt the model inheritance method.

for instance, I have :

class Parent(User):
    contact_means = models.IntegerField()
    is_staff = False 
    objects = userManager()

Now it is done, I've downloaded django_registration to help me out with sending emails to new users. The thing is, instead of using registration forms to register new user, I want to to invoke the email sending/acitvation capability of django_registration. So my workflow is:

1. add new Parent object in admin page.
2. send email

My problem is, the django-registration creates a new registration profile together with a new user in the user table. how do I tweak this such that I am able to add the user entry into the custom user table.

I have tried to create a


and alter the save_model method to launch the create_inactive_user from django_registration, however I do not how to save the user object generated from django_registration into my Parent table when I have using model inheritance and I do not have a Foreign key attribute in my parent model.

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Yes you do have an implicit foreign key to user in Parent, created by the model inheritance, will be called user_ptr – Carles Barrobés Jan 10 '11 at 22:35
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It's probably something like:

p = Parent()
p.user_ptr = user
p.contact_means = ...

(Django creates the foreign key for you when doing model inheritance, plus the attribute ending in _ptr)

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is _ptr a built in keyword? – goh Jan 11 '11 at 9:51
No. Django's ORM uses metaprogramming to create attributes in your Python classes based on your model's fields and relations. It uses certain conventions (by appending e.g. _set, _ptr to the field name) for these additional attributes. – Carles Barrobés Jan 11 '11 at 10:35
Not works for me, this would overwrite all the data of user to Null or default. – kxxoling Apr 13 at 4:09

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