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So i have a popup javascript calendar someone else wrote into my app. What i am trying to do is reference it from the window that opens it, but the normal way of assigning the window.open to a variable is not working. I think the issue is that the calendar, while being generated set itself as its opener.

    var vWinCal = window.open("", "Calendar", "width=200,height=250,status=no,resizable=yes,top=200,left=200,status=yes,menubar=yes");
vWinCal.opener = self;
var calc_doc = vWinCal.document;
calc_doc.write (str_buffer);

It this my problem? Is there a way around it?


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When you say it's "not working", what exactly do you mean? Are there errors? –  Pointy Jan 10 '11 at 16:00

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OK, so i found my own problem. the calendar AND the call to create it were in a seperate file that the parent window linked to. My parent just never knew the variable cause of scope! d'oh! and to think of the time i wasted trying to fix this one!

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