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I want to create a drag and drop functionality in my silverlight 3.0 project.

I use Nov 2009 release of the silverlight toolkit.

I created several custom user controls and want to apply drag and drop functionality to them.

I checked using


with a ListBox but found that it must be bound to some data source.

is there a way to put my custom controls inside the list box and achieve the drag-drop behaviour ?


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You can inherit your control from DragDropTarget. Let say you want to create TextBox and you want to drop items from DataGrid. Then you create

public class DropingTextBox : DragDropTarget<DataGridRow,TextBox>{}

Then you can override methods of DragDropTarget.

Please write what you want to do so maybe I can help more. What behaviour you want to acheive?

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Thanks Damir, I want to create some chart controls, data grid controls and place them in regions where I can drag and drop controls between regions. I will try you solution and tell you what happened –  Mina Samy Jan 11 '11 at 8:50

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