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I search the entire net could not find a guide to get gdal-config.

I have yum but yum does not have gdal-config, i already installed gdal.

I just need to be able to do this on shell - gdal-config and not get a command not found error.

My distro is Fedora. I don't have apt-get.

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You probaby have "yum" instead of "apt-get" on Fedora. Try..

yum install gdal gdal-devel 
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I had a similar problem, that is "gdal-config" was missing. I could solve it by installing the development packages. So you could try installing gdal-dev.

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As far as I know, the GDAL utilities, including gdal-config, are part of the download package that you can find here: They link to a Fedora version. If you installed apt-get, you could find it by looking for GDAL directly.

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