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I downloaded the android source code for callLog UI for the Contacts, Call log, and Dialer applications using this link

Now, I want to use it on eclipse. But when I try to import the project,it says it didnt found the project. Then I tried to set all the configurations manually, but it show a lot of errors with the importing, the AndroidManifest.xml, with the, etc.

So is there any way of import this directly as a project to eclipse?


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Please expand URL shortened link. – user195488 Jul 25 '11 at 16:53
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File->New Project ->Android Project

In the dialog, choose the option "Existing Project" and put the path to the project root path. This always works for me.

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With adt-20131030 it's File-->New-->Project...-->Android-->Android Project from Existing Code. Then put the path to the project root path.

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