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I realise that this is an extremely open question, so let me narrow it down a bit. I am toying with the idea of creating a membership site that could replace an existing Yahoo group.

I want to host the site, so that I control the data. Probably, an existing CMS could be a good starting point. The following features should be available:

  • Member registration, authentication, etc (possibly using OpenID)
  • Member profile pages
  • Message board (this is a major feature, and must be well implemented)
  • Photo gallery
  • Files area
  • A Wiki would be nice, but since that could probably be installed separately it is not a requirement

As these features are commonly available in a myriad of systems, I would like to give preference to the following parameters:

Good system design: I would prefer a system with fewer features and good system architecture to a bloated spagghetti monster with all the bells and whistles.

Easy to understand: This goes hand in hand with the previous point, but it is so important that I would like to give it a point of its own.

Easy to extend: Another aspect of "Good system design", but an important one to me.

ASP.NET MVC: It would be nice to work with a system that implements ASP.NET MVC "correctly", but I will definitely consider other platforms.

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N2 looks like a nice project! It even includes an MVC example.

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You should look into http://communityserver.com/ by Telligent Systems. It's a widely used platform that gives you all the things you are looking for an more. Check out their list of customers and you'll see some really high profile ones which get a LOT of traffic.

If Community Server is too heavy, how about trying mojoPortal?

Finally, there's another CMS based on ASP.NET MVC which I haven't tried yet. It's called TheBeerHouse.

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Definitely an interesting product with good backing, though probably too "heavy" for my use. –  Ola Eldøy Jan 30 '09 at 7:07

TheBeerHouse is excellent, we just put out the second beta release of it and have a ton of features integrated into it.

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