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I need a storage type that I can set a max number of elements for and whenever I add something to the tail, the head is truncated as necessary with low overhead. I can of course do this manually if I have to. Example

max = 1000

fill it with integers 1-1000 : [1,2,...,999,1000]

add numbers 1000 - 1500 : [500,501,....,1499,1500]

It has to be as cheap an operation as possible since I will be running multiple threads at this time, one doing audio recording. I don't care about keeping the head elements as they are popped off, I would like to get rid of them in a bulk operation.

I checked out the queue types in the SDK, not sure which could suit these needs, possibly a linked queue of some kind.

Thanks for any help

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Use a ring buffer, also known as a circular queue; these can be implemented as arrays, so they're particularly cheap. See this question for an implementation in Java.

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