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i am really stuck on this:

I have longitude / latitude points to draw on a google map within an android app. Therefor I created a class extending Overlay...

I get the current longitude/latitude portion of view via:

GeoPoint topLeft = proj.fromPixels(0, 0);
GeoPoint bottomRight = proj.fromPixels(width-1, height-1);
int topLat = topLeft.getLatitudeE6();
int topLon = topLeft.getLongitudeE6();
int bottomLat = bottomRight.getLatitudeE6();
int bottomLon = bottomRight.getLongitudeE6();

The following works (only latitudes):

if(latLon[0] >= bottomLat && latLon[0] <= topLat){ // do something; }

but this does not work (longitudes):

if(latLon[1] >= topLon && latLon[1] <= bottomLon) { // do something; }

latLon[0] is the latitude I want to check latLon[1] is the longitude I want to check

Anybody an idea?


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Longitude numbers are negative from the 0 meridian in England, westward. They're negative in North America and South America.

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@n3bul4 So your topLon, or maximum longitude, or most easterly longitude is on the right of the screen, not the left as you've written it. –  NickT Jan 10 '11 at 19:30

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