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I'm starting to make some test with .NET 4 / WPF. I made a local database with a table called "Fournisseurs".

Then I created a WPF form, with a DataGrid in it.

Then I wanted to bind my table to it. But I can't find how to make it.

I read some tutorials about binding DataSet to DataGrid but I can't find any guide showing how to create a DataSet from my local database...

Any ideas or tips please?

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You will want to look into LINQ-to-Entities to attach to your local database instance. In doing so, you will get object representations of the data which you can then easily bind to the DataGrid.

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I created an "ADO.NET Entity Data Model" and mapped it to my Fournisseurs table. (I followed that guide vbcity.com/blogs/xtab/archive/2010/02/01/… ) and there is still nothing in my available bindings for my DataGrid :S Any ideas? –  TomShreds Jan 11 '11 at 16:50

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