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I developed a small video camera application. It all works fine except focus. I understand I need to call camera.autofocus, but I don't really know where is the right place to put the call it. Anyone ever succeeded in autofocusing a video camera on android?

Thank Eli

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Not all devices support autofocus while recording video. In photo mode I use handler and call autofocus when object is focused - simulating continuous focusing. But for video Im afraid that there is no good solution for all devices.

Related: Android: record video with "continuous" auto-focus

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It's probably a matter of preference based on how you think users will use your app.

I think a common convention is to do an auto-focus when the user touches the scene in the preview. Most OEM camera apps seem to do this.

Doing auto-focus after zooming is also a common thing.

Finally, you might want to have a look at the zxing project (bar code scanner app) which has a nifty continuous auto focus approach that might be of use, though since youre capturing video, it might not be ideal as the focus transitions might be too noticeable.


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have you done so in a video app? – Eli Konky Jan 11 '11 at 9:55

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