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Is it possible to search for a phrase of the kind Searching is fun, in Lucene?

When I try to search with this, Lucene ends up looking for the word fun alone.

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If you are using a QueryParser object to parse your query, you can configure it to automatically assume the '+' operator that Aku spoke of in his answer (sorry Aku for not simply commenting, but comments apparently don't support code formatting). For example:

String defaultField = ...;
Analyzer analyzer = ...;
QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser(defaultField, analyzer);


Query query = queryParser.parse("Searching is fun");
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Try to put in in quotes: "Searching is fun" or add '+' to required words +Searching +fun

See "Lucene - Query Parser Syntax" for available options

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The link is dead – Oskar Kjellin Jul 3 '13 at 14:31

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