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Google Reader has a nice feature that when you switch to the web page from a different web page (giving the page focus) it will show you the updates there were accumulated while the page was unfocused.
Quick question #1: How do they do that?

I figure that they might be binding to the mouse move events + keyboard events since I don't know any out of the box event that gives you that ability.

Googling for that is a nightmare (focus, tab, web page, user).

Quick question #2: Is there some package out there that gives me that ability?

I'm putting the jQuery tag as a beacon for all the web developers ninjas out there, but I don't really care about the framework (as long as its Javascript)

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Or use:

$(window).focus(function() {
   console.log('welcome (back)');

$(window).blur(function() {
   console.log('bye bye');
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jquery focus doesn't act like hover(function(), function()) (which is a shame), I needed to bind to the blur event for "focusOut" – Shay Erlichmen Jan 10 '11 at 20:53
Aight lol. Ofc you're right. My mistake, I switched the two. It should act like you said though :) Would be a nice feature. Thanks for improving it and accepting it :). – PeeHaa Jan 10 '11 at 21:40

Use focusin (focus) and focusout (blur) on the document object:

$(document).bind('focus', function() {
   console.log('welcome (back)');
}).bind('blur', function() {
   console.log('bye bye');
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I don't think OP wants to be notified every time any field on the page receives focus. Just when you switch to a page. – Juan Mendes Jan 10 '11 at 20:39

I tested in FF and document.onfocus is called when I switch to that window.

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