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What PHP systems or frameworks have gone 5.3 only, or contain a significant number of features that require/take-advantage of PHP 5.3?

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Check out Alloy Framework - It's a new PHP 5.3+ Hierarchal MVC Framework that works a little differently than most other MVC frameworks.

The main differences to other framework projects are primarily:

  1. Modular Organization - single folder for a group of controllers/views/entities that are created for the same structure - "blog" or "events", etc.
  2. HMVC (Hierarchal MVC) - Allows module sub-dispatches anywhere within views or controllers - extremely useful for "wiget" type structures within layouts or nested views. Helps promote code re-use for common structures like "comments", "tags", "ratings", etc.
  3. More explicitness - view objects are explicitly retuned by the controller method for display instead of implicitly loaded, etc.

Read more on the Architecture page of the manual.

The URL Router is also very nice and borrows a lot of concepts from Merb and Rails.

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+1 for alloy, i've been tinkering with this and several other 5.3 frameworks over the last couple of weeks. Alloy (and Lithium) are hands down the most interesting/innovative frameworks out there at the moment - lightweight and useful – sunwukung Mar 18 '11 at 21:34



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Symfony 2.0

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There's also the Lithium framework, which is quite similar in design to CakePHP

Update: I would also highly recommend that you check out Phalcon

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