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I have two displays (two monitors) connected to my machine, and I noticed a strange thing happening today. I had an Explorer window open with my compiled exe on my primary display, and when I double-clicked it, it opened in the primary display (left monitor). However if I pressed enter to launch the executable, it started in the secondary display (right monitor). The window state of the initial form is maximized. Is there a way to tell C# to open the initial form in the primary display?

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Thanks for the answers. Does anybody know what causes pressing enter vs double-clicking to result in diff behavior? –  JeffE Jan 10 '11 at 22:09

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This should do the trick:

static void Main()

    Form1 f = new Form1();
    f.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.Manual;
    f.Location = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Location;

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Take a look at this: Show form on primary or secondary screen

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