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I'm trying to call the onsubmit programmatically without clicking in the form button.

First i try to simply call the submit function of the IHTMLFormElement interface but the form does not correctly processed the input data:

CComPtr<IHTMLFormElement> ppvForm;

I read in the documentation and it says that the submit function do not call the onsubmit event, then i try to call the onsubmit event by using the IDispatch invoke method provided by the get_onsubmit of the IHTMLFormElement interface:

CComPtr<IHTMLFormElement> ppvForm;
_variant_t vResult;
_variant_t tvar;
hResult = ppvForm->get_onsubmit(&tvar); // <<< i get a NULL VARIANT here 

DISPPARAMS params = {0};
hResult = tvar.pdispVal->Invoke(
if( SUCCEEDED(hResult) )

But the ppvForm->get_onsubmit call return S_OK with a NULL variant... (don't know why?!)

And in the end tried the fireEvent from the IHTMLDocument4 interface:

CComPtr<IHTMLDocument4> piDoc;
hrRes=piDoc->createEventObject(NULL, &pEvent);

_variant_t vtEvent(pEvent);
hrRes=piDoc->fireEvent(_bstr_t(_T("onsubmit")), &vtEvent, &varRet);

The fireEvent now returns always E_INVALIDARG! don't know why? don't know if i need to put something in the vtEvent or the "onsubmit" string is invalid, don't know.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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If get_onsubmit() is returning S_OK and a NULL handler, then there is simply no onsubmit event handler assigned to the form to begin with.

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It's the only form in the html page, and if i call the click() function on the IHTMLElement (html button elment) all process is done correctly (but this requires that the user makes a choice in a message box, and i'm trying to avoid this message box) The button code: function enviar() { if (submitthis()) if (confirm("Confirmation of the action?")) document.getElementById('form1').submit(); } As you can see i only want to do the same thing as the 'document.getElementById('form1').submit();' statement... –  Nuno Jan 11 '11 at 20:18
Since the message box is being displayed by a button's onclick event and not the form's onsubmit event, just submitting the form programmably bypasses the message box. So what is the actual problem you are trying to solve? –  Remy Lebeau Jan 11 '11 at 22:27
The problem is that the submit (ppvForm->submit(); the first form) do not properly execute because not all the required params were not filled, i already set all the params and the submit now works fine (using the first form). Thanks to point me in the right direction Remy Lebeau. –  Nuno Jan 11 '11 at 22:42

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