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Using jQuery and Jquery UI, I have a draggable and droppable area, the draggable item has the following helper

    revert: 'invalid',
    grid: [ 20,20 ],
    cursorAt: { top: -12, left: -20 },
    helper: function(event) {
      return $('<div class="helper"></div>');

How do I get the helper to be added to the droppable area?

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After a bit more investigation and another question I have worked this out.

The in the drop event on the droppable element you need to clone the helper as you cannot drop the actual helper that shows during dragging.

  drop: function(event, ui) {
    var newDiv = $(ui.helper).clone(false)
      .css({position:'absolute', left:0, top:ui.offset.top - 12});

Thanks also to Jason Benson.


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in the helper function use

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That doesn't seem to work. My understanding of the helper function was that it creates the HTML to be used as the helper. I would like that helper to remain visible if it is dropped onto a droppable area. Thanks for your answer –  Alan Whitelaw Jan 11 '11 at 10:27

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