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I want to do the following in Mathematica

Table[p[i], {i, -3, 0}] = Flatten[{Table[0, {i, -3, -1}], 1}]

But I got an error:

Set::write: Tag Table in Table[p[i], {i, -3, 0}] is Protected.

However, it is perfectly fine to do:

{p[-3], p[-2], p[-1], p[0]} = Flatten[{Table[0, {i, -3, -1}], 1}]

Many thanks!

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Force the LHS to evaluate into pieces that can be assigned to:

Evaluate[Table[p[i], {i, -3, 0}]] = Flatten[{Table[0, {i, -3, -1}], 1}]

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I got a lot of warnings when doing so. Is there any clean way of doing this? Thanks! –  Qiang Li Jan 10 '11 at 23:23
@Qiang There are no problems with this answer. I suggest you to try it after a Clear["Global`*"] or a clean Mma start. –  belisarius Jan 10 '11 at 23:36
@belisarius: right. I forgot to do clear. But doesn't seem to be very elegant or at least the way I wanted. :( –  Qiang Li Jan 10 '11 at 23:39
@Qiang Perhaps you should be a little more precise in your question. This is a valid Mma way to deal with tables in the LHS –  belisarius Jan 10 '11 at 23:43
This only works when symbols have no prior definitions. The following will work also in the latter case: SetAttributes[assignToSymbol, HoldRest]; assignToSymbol[sym_Symbol, lhs_, rhs_] := Set @@ Append[Block[{sym}, Hold[Evaluate[lhs]]], Unevaluated[rhs]] , example of use: assignToSymbol[p, Table[p[i], {i, 3}], {1, 2, 3}], and then assignToSymbol[p, Table[p[i], {i, 3}], {4, 5, 6}]. One can also make more complex version which will automatically detect which symbols on the l.h.s need Block-ing –  Leonid Shifrin Jan 11 '11 at 11:05

The reason it doesn't work is because Set has attribute HoldFirst. It means that Set[a,stuff] passes symbol a instead of value of a to Set function. As to why it has this attribute, ask yourself: when you do Set[a,stuff], do you want to assign stuff to symbol a, or to the value of a?

In your example, a holds a table of variable names, so you want the value of a and HoldFirst is annoying. However, most of the time a will have a value like 5 and you want a=stuff to assign stuff to symbol a, not to the value 5

A common pattern to get around Holding attributes is the following:

Set@@{Table[p[i], {i, -3, 0}],Flatten[{Table[0, {i, -3, -1}], 1}]}
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