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I have been using expressions like this in JSF 1.2: rendered="#{foo.bar!=null && !foo.isBar}". However in JSF 2.0 I've found this doesn't work, and rendered="#{foo.bar!=null and !foo.isBar}" comes out to be the solution that doesn't throw any Exception.

Please tell me what operators can be used in these situations!

Thanks in advance, Daniel

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&& needs escaping in XML, which is why and works and && doesn't. You would have to write &&. In any case neither is correct. If x has a boolean property bar, the way to test it in EL is via #{x.bar}, not #{x.isBar}.

The EL operators are defined in the documentation.

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Yeah, my bad about isBar! –  Daniel Szalay Jan 11 '11 at 12:03

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