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Is there something wrong with the code below it just won't work, no errors?

var select_value = $("#cart-image").attr('alt');

if ($("select_value:contains('Aqua')")) { keyword = "aqua"; };
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While all the other answers are correct, they forget to mention that you can use jQuery for this. There is the Attribute contains selector:

if ($("#cart-image[alt*=Aqua]").length) keyword = "aqua";
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+1 Great point. – lonesomeday Jan 10 '11 at 23:36

You're using jQuery to do something that it is neither designed for nor capable of. Use Javascript's native functions to search strings for substrings:

if (select_value.indexOf('Aqua') > -1) {
    keyword = 'aqua';
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The double quotes are making jQuery interpret the "select_value" as a string, rather than the variable.


if (select_value.indexOf('Aqua') != -1) { keyword = "aqua"; };
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.attr() returns a string, not a DOM element

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