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WebKit's (or Safari's) plugin architecture seems to rely heavily on MIME types (which makes sense, of course). Is it true that a Safari will only load a plugin when it encounters an embed or object tag that loads a file of the MIME type that the plugin handles?

To rephrase my question: Is it possible to create WebKit plugin that loads or runs on every page (for example to manipulate the DOM on every page)? I know that I can do that with Safari 5's extensions, but I'm targeting mobile Safari which does not support extensions (but does support *.webplugin's on jailbroken devices or the Simulator).


  • Johannes
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In my understanding, WebKit plugins require presence of their declared MIME type. Sorry.

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Thanks, Wolf. I know that a lot of desktop Safari plugins use SIMBL to get around this. Since I could only install a webplugin on a jailbroken iPhone, I could also use iphonedevwiki.net/index.php/MobileSubstrate to alter Mobile Safari's behavior, like this example: thebigboss.org/2009/08/02/safari-download-manager-100-is-out –  Johannes Fahrenkrug Jan 11 '11 at 0:30

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