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I perform calculations using a double as follows:

int minutes;
double seconds;
double DecMinutes;

// Handle Dd in; DMS, and DMm out
Calculate myCalculate = new Calculate(inDecimal); {
double outMinutes = myCalculate.getMinute();
double outSeconds = myCalculate.getSecond();
double outDecMinute = myCalculate.getDecMinute();

minutes = (int) outMinutes;
seconds = outSeconds;
DecMinutes = outDecMinute;

} // end myCalculate

// Convert result back to String
c = Integer.toString(minutes);
c = Double.toString(seconds);
c = Double.toString(DecMinutes);

My main concern is with the double DecMinutes output. Because it's a Decimal-Minutes calculation I need to use double. My layout already displays the decimal point as a fixed character so instead of displaying 0.0734 I want to display 0734 in the EditText box txtDMmLatDecMin.


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Hi, please remember to accept answers as correct if you were able to solve your problem using that answer. Would appreciate it, thanks! :) –  Zarah Jan 17 '11 at 3:01

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So basically, you want to drop the zero and the decimal point?

Maybe there is an easier way, but at the top of my head I am thinking you can use String.split(). With the downside that you have to create a new String array to hold the values.

So after you do this:

c = Double.toString(DecMinutes);
String[] strSplit = c.split("\\.");

Then you can do:


Again, maybe there is an easier way. :)

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Excellent! Thank you...I did have to use String[] strSplit = c.split("\\."); Since the period is reserved regex. –  RotorDroid Jan 11 '11 at 2:21
Oh yes! Sorry, I forgot about that! Will edit my answer. –  Zarah Jan 11 '11 at 5:04

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