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I'm talking about getting a file download to computer without letting user know any files have downloaded, just like a virus. Some virus are getting downloaded without asking a user if you wanna download a file it just download it self. I'm trying to create an simple antivirus. How do they do that

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it sounds more like you're creating a simple virus than a simple anti-virus...creating an antivirus program is a huge undertaking! – John Gardner Jan 11 '11 at 1:17
well...When i know how to create the virus i know how to stop it right? – Ramilol Jan 11 '11 at 1:18
Ok since you got 5 votes up ill just vote up too, it won't hurt – Ramilol Jan 11 '11 at 1:25
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The only way that I would think that this could be done is by exploiting a buffer overflow and executing arbitrary code once the stack's been smashed (to execute the file download).

Having said that, I very highly doubt you'd be able to find any present day browsers that have any such vulnerabilities. These days, browser-caused viruses (virii? ;)) only run rampant on systems that have users that execute the downloads/installs manually.

Edit: I'll also mention that actually getting this to work takes a high level of skill (as the "arbitrary" code is usually processor-specific assembly instructions). It takes an even higher level of skill and knowledge to protect against it.

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nope you cannot do that. even the virus they need to be executed after downloaded. as far as i know, when I did browse some web I just got cookies that contains spying me when I clicked on some websites. cmiiw

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Maybe parsing your program to javascript and inserting to your site?

Or insert to another site and then put an iframe in your site to avoid blacklisting by AVs.

Aso I have read somewhere that WMF-files can be exploited.

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