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I'm making a script (Perl or shell) that launches a second Perl script. The script that it's launching has thousands of lines of output. So basically I want to make a script that launches another script without any output - and if possible run it within a screen session and then exit the script (yet keep the other running in the screen)? How can I do this?

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When you launch your script direct output to /dev/null. To make a script run in the background use the & symbol. For example the follow will show nothing in the console and run in the background...

echo hi > /dev/null &
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Wont this keep the first script hanging until the other dies/exits though? –  Jon Jan 11 '11 at 2:39
Ah indeed, I missed that part of the question let me update it... –  Andrew White Jan 11 '11 at 2:41

If you want to run in screen, you have to create a screenrc

echo "screen  my_perl_program" >  /tmp/$$.screenrc
echo "autodetach on" >>  /tmp/$$.screenrc
echo "startup_message off" >>  /tmp/$$.screenrc
screen -L -dm -S session1 -c  /tmp/$$.screenrc

Then you can restore it with screen -S session1

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