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I want to make custom search

This is the output url from the form

and this is the explanation:

  • $_GET['country'] => this is value from post_meta
  • $_GET['area'] => this is value from post_meta
  • $_GET['type'] => this is the post category

how i can make this custom search?

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I'd check out scribu's explanation of advanced metadata queries in WordPress 3.1 to help you:

Also, take a look at WordPress's documentation on WP_Query:

In your case, it sounds like all you'd need is something like this:


$country = $_GET['country'];
$area = $_GET['area'];
$type = $_GET['type'];

query_posts( array(
    'category_name' => $type,        
    'meta_query' => array(
            'key' => 'country',
            'value' => $country,
            'key' => 'area',
            'value' => $area,
) );

// now do the loop as normal

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