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I have context menu in rich faces tree component(rich:tree).In my tree i had listed folders and sub folders.By using context menu i can edit datas of the folders and sub folders.I have separate methods for edit folder and sub folders.How can i call this methods in cotnextmenu click action?

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You can have 2 different <a4j:jsFunction> for both of your edit folders and subfolders action and call them onclick condition in javascript of contextmenu.

<rich:menuItem value="Your Context Menu Item" onclick="menuFunction();"></rich:menuItem>
<a4j:jsFunction name="editFolder" action="#{yourFolder.Edit}"/>
<a4j:jsFunction name="editSubFolder" action="#{yourSubFolder.Edit}"/>

And script function

function menuFunction(){
  if(subFolderNodeValue){    //Here subFolderNodeValue is the value of node, you can set it using nodeSelectionListner
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