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Is it inadvisable to add methods to a JQuery element?


var b = $("#uniqueID");
b.someMethod = function(){};


Just to clarify, I am working on a JS-driven app that is binding JSON data to local JS objects that encapsulate the business logic for manipulating the actual underlying DOM elements. The objects currently store a reference to their associated HTML element/s. I was thinking that I could, in effect, merge a specific instance of a jquery element with it's logic by taking that reference add adding the methods required.

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Can you expand on what you are actually trying to achieve here? –  James Hughes Jan 11 '11 at 8:38

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Well, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. It is, however, pretty pointless. For example:

$('body').someMethod = function(){};
console.log($('body').someMethod); // undefined

You are attaching the new function only to that selection, not to all selections of that element.

What you should do instead is to add a new function to jQuery.fn, which is a shortcut for jQuery.prototype:

jQuery.fn.someMethod = function() {
    if (this[0].nodeName == 'body') {
        // do your function

    return this; // preserve chaining
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The problem is that your function would be quite transient. A further requery and it will be gone. You can extend the jQuery object itself by $.fn.someMethod = function() {} and this method will be available for all queries.

$.fn.someMethod = function() {}
var b = $("body"); 
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Or you can create a jQuery plugin. You can define a plugin this way:

$.fn.someMethod = function(options) {  
    # ... 

Call it using $('body').someMethod();

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