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what i m trying is i hav two dropdownlists inside the gridview... namely say ddonsiteoffsite and ddhours... now what i want is if the selectedtext of ddonsiteoffsite is "onsite" the ddhours should b disabled... i tried the code snippet but ... its not disabling the ddhours... can someone help me please..

<asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="      OnSite/OffSite" >   
                     <asp:DropDownList ID="ddOnsiteOffside" runat="server" onchange="ToggleOnOff(this)"><asp:ListItem Text = "Offsite" Value="Offsite"></asp:ListItem>        
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "Onsite" Value="Onsite"></asp:ListItem> 
                    <asp:DropDownList ID="ddhours" runat="server">   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "1" Value="1" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "2" Value="2" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "3" Value="3" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "4" Value="4" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "5" Value="5" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "6" Value="6" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "7" Value="7" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "8" Value="8" ></asp:ListItem>   
                        <asp:ListItem Text = "9" Value="9" ></asp:ListItem>   

and the corresponding javascript i am using is :

enter code here

function ToggleOnOff(ddonoff)

     var row = chk.parentNode.parentNode;              
          row.getElementsByTagName("ddhours")[0].disabled = true;                   
          row.getElementsByTagName("ddhours")[0].disabled = false;                    

can someone help to achieve this ?? using javascript or jquery ? i m not understanding where i went wrong ...

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I have retagged gridview to datagrid as its asp:templatecolumn – naveen Jan 11 '11 at 9:24
please mark as answer the post that helped you – naveen Jan 11 '11 at 11:20
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Just do this.

function ToggleOnOff(ddonoff) {
        .parent()// parent of ddl is td
        .next()// gives the next td 
        .find('select')// finds a select element in that td
        .attr('disabled', (ddonoff.value == "Onsite") ? 'disabled' : '');//enable-disable


function ToggleOnOff(ddonoff) {
        .find('select[id*="ddhours"]')//select by id
        .attr('disabled', (ddonoff.value == "Onsite") ? 'disabled' : '');//disable-enable

Method 2 works even if the two columns are not next to each other.

Dependency: jQuery

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hey that worked ... can u explain the mechanism behind it ??? how did it actually worked ??? @ naveen ? – Joy Jan 11 '11 at 9:30
@joy: I have given the explanation as comments – naveen Jan 11 '11 at 9:36
hey thanks :) for the ans :) it really helped :) ... now i can use this to handle any gridviewtemplates.... – Joy Jan 11 '11 at 9:40
@joy: happy to help – naveen Jan 11 '11 at 10:01
This will not be a good solution as you are dealing with invalid HTML(having more than one element with the same id). – rahul Jan 11 '11 at 10:24

If you are having more than one element with the same id then it will be an invalid HTML document. Remove the ids and give it a name.

Something like this

    var parent = $(this).closest("tr");
    var hoursSelectBox = parent.find("select[name='hoursName']");
    if (hoursSelectBox.val() === "Onsite") {
        hoursSelectBox.attr("disabled", true);

In your code you are using row.getElementsByTagName("ddhours"). This will fetch all the elements with the tag name `ddhours' which will not be correct in this case.

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no the thing is it would b per row of the gridview..... per row i hav the same ddhour and ddOnsiteOffsite now i want the attributes to b added for each row..... – Joy Jan 11 '11 at 9:04

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